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This is a GREAT frozen fundraising program for those in BC that are looking for fundraising ideas for their organization. There is a very wide variety of products on this program including Pizza, Calzones, Scissor Rolls, Cheesy Bread Sticks and Croissants. All of these products locally made here in BC.
  • Traditional Pizza

    All Pizza Parlor Pizza orders are made from a traditional pizzeria dough recipe, hand stretched to size and hand topped with pizza parlor sauce, premium toppings and a custom blend of Mozzarella, Monterey Jack and Parmesan Cheeses. Each frozen pizza is individually wrapped and packaged in a take-out box!

  • Great lunch snack

    Cheesy Bread Sticks

    Simple, yet Irresistible! Made with 100% REALâ„¢ Award winning Canadian Cheddar Cheese. The homemade appearance of these sticks offers great side-plating appeal for dishes such as soups and salads. Centre or side cutting allows for unique sandwich appies or specialty hot dog buns. These frozen bread sticks are ready to serve, simply thaw and dish up.

  • Hand Crafted


    Pizza Parlor Calzones are hand-made from a signature dough recipe which includes extra virgin olive oil, chopped garlic, parmesan cheese and imported Romano cheese. Each calzone is then hand filled with top quality ingredients that explode with flavor in each bite. 100% Domestic and Imported REAL Cheese. No artificial fillers used.

  • Artisan Breads

    Our artisanal bread is made by artisan bakers working with freshly sourced, high quality local ingredients. These frozen breads come in different shapes and forms from traditional Parmesan Bread Sticks to our flavourful Roasted Garlic Cheese Bread and more.

Available Pizza & Bread Products 

  • Traditional Pizzeria

  • Thin Crust Pizza

  • Personal Pan Pizza

  • Hand Crafted Calzones

  • Scissor Rolls

  • Croissants

  • Cheesy Bread Sticks

Top Profits

Fundraising products from Western Direct Fundraising are high quality and are available to you at a low enough cost that allows you to make top profits all while still being affordable to the end purchaser. Premium Products - Priced Right. Profits as high as 30%!

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